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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The principal at Washington Elementary School is planning a field trip for the 5th grade students to visit Arizona State University’s campus in Mesa. She arranges for two coach buses to transport 100 students and chaperones on the trip. The coach bus company quotes $250 per hour to rent each 56-passenger coach bus. The principal rents the buses for the entire day, from 6 AM when they depart until 8 PM when they return‚ totaling 14 hours. With two buses rented, the total cost is $7,000. The principal budgets extra to cover fuel surcharges and provide a 15% tip for excellent service during the campus tour and transporting the students comfortably, bringing the total cost to $8,050.

Example #2:

A large corporation based in Phoenix is planning a company-wide retreat in Mesa for three days. They expect 150 employees to attend sessions and team building activities. As part of the retreat, they want to arrange group transportation for various offsite evening events. They decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses at a rate of $250 per hour. On the first night, the buses provide roundtrip transportation from the hotel to a dinner cruise for $1,000. On the second night, the buses shuttle attendees to and from a local arena for a private comedy show for another $1,000. On the final day, the company rents a single 40-passenger limo bus for a wine tasting tour in the area vineyards from noon to 5pm at $300 per hour, totaling $1,500. All three buses include uniformed team, bottled water, and satellite TVs. With a 5% tip per rental, the total for all transportation comes to $3,315. The corporate planners are thrilled to offer comfortable, reliable group transportation to enhance their retreat experience in Mesa.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at a local high school in Mesa is traveling to an away game 3 hours away. The coach arranges to rent three 56-passenger charter buses from a rental company in Mesa to transport the team, coaches, gear, and some parents. The coach books the charter bus rentals for a 12 hour rental period to allow for travel time, stops, and time before and after the game. The hourly rental rate is $275 per bus. With 3 buses rented for 12 hours each, the total rental cost comes to $9,900. The coach decides to have the parents chip in to help cover costs. With 150 people traveling divided by the $9,900 rental cost, it comes out to around $66 per person. The coach asks each parent to contribute $75 to help cover rental fees and a bit extra for contingency. In the end, the coach is able to securely transport the entire varsity football team, coaches, gear, and some parents using charter bus rentals from Mesa for an important away game.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from out of town decide to take a day trip through Mesa to see the sights. They rent a 14-passenger party bus for 8 hours at a rate of $250 per hour, totaling $2,000. The itinerary includes stops at Usery Mountain Regional Park for hiking, the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and several highly-rated local restaurants for lunch and dinner. With the party bus, they are able to relax and socialize rather than focus on directions or parking. The bus comes equipped with a stereo system and lighting effects to set the mood. They also appreciate having a professional team who knows the area well. At the end of the fantastic day seeing Mesa’s attractions, they tip the friendly team 15% ($300) bringing their total trip cost to $2,300.

Example #5:

Maria and John are getting married in Mesa next month. They have rented a party bus to shuttle their 80 wedding guests between the ceremony site and the reception venue. The ceremony is at a chapel downtown and the reception is at a winery in the countryside 15 miles away. They booked a 20 passenger party bus for 6 hours at $250 per hour, for a total of $1,500. The rental includes a professional team and onboard restroom. The bus will make continuous loops between the venues from 3pm when the ceremony starts until 11pm when the reception ends. The couple chose the party bus so their guests can relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving or parking. The bus comes equipped with leather seats, music, lighting, and even a dance pole to liven up the trip. Maria and John added a 10% tip, bringing their total party bus rental cost to $1,650 for the day.

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